Tech Support

General tip: WinFE doesn’t have tech support.

Winpe is a Microsoft product that is built by the user (you). WinFE is simply a slight modification that turns a winPe into a forensic winFe. You can build WinFE to your specifications to run the tools that you want. If you modify your build outside documented (tested) build methods, you risk building a non-forensic WinFE, would be a winPe.

The Mini-WinFE build is based on PE Bakery. Build issues will always be a PE Bakery issue, not a WinFE script issue. Colin Ramsden’s WinFE build is based on his WinFE framework.

Most frequently asked questions I’ve fielded over the years:

1. Where can I download a WinFE?

Ans: You can’t. You have to build it yourself.

2. Can you email me a WinFE?

Ans: See #1

3. Why is WinBuilder giving me errors?

Ans: Check the forums and PE Bakery forums.  WinFE is just one script in a Winbuilder project. The most common errors are: (a) Windows source is not compatible, so try another source, (2) source is not selected before the build starts, (3) a script is conflicting with another script, so uncheck them all and try it.

4. How do I make Encase run in WinFE?

Ans: Try. Fail. Try a different way. Fail. Try a different way. Fail. Keep going until you make it work or give up. Honestly tho, if any software isn’t intended to run in a portable mode, you might want to consider not trying to put it in WinFE, or use Windows To Go which can run anything that any full Windows install can run.

5. Does WinFE boot Apple computers?

Ans: Some Intel based Macs.

6. Can I buy a WinFE?

Ans: See #1.

7. Will you make me a WinFE?

Ans: See #1.

8. Can I give away copies of WinFE to my organization?

Ans: See #1.

9.Is there an easier way to build WinFE?

Ans: It is so much easier to build a WinFE today than ever before, and way easier than building a forensic Linux distro (at least for non-Linux users..).

10. I don’t have a Windows OS? How can I build a WinFE?

Ans: You need a Windows OS for your source.

11. I downloaded WinFE from a website. How can I test if it is legitimate?

Ans. It’s not legitimate. Not at all. Hope you didn’t use it in a legal case. Probably littered with malware.  Seriously. Build it yourself.  Using a compromised acquisition platform can invalidate your acquisition!